Invest in CCTV Camera Systems
Security surveillance systems have become a staple requirement in environments such as car parks, airports, railway stations, museums - and even some domestic properties - as a means of monitoring the activities of passers-by, visitors and employees; recording any suspicious behaviour that may amount to a criminal offense.
Whether trespassing, theft, or a violent crime, strategically-placed CCTV equipment will transmit video signals from their specific location to a monitor, allowing for a complete view of a certain area so that crime can be prevented then and there, or recorded as evidence for a future case.
In terms of domestic use, security surveillance equipment can offer invaluable insight into the regular visitors to a certain street or who occupy a certain area, allowing for easy identification of unidentified or suspicious visitors.
For a business, CCTV kits installed around a warehouse, office or factory entail that the activity of all employees is constantly monitored and protected. CCTV camera systems can be set-up in many different environments and particular areas so activity can be monitored from all angles; offering a comprehensive view of all areas of your place of business.

2 camera system (1TB Storage) 275

3 camera system (1TB Storage) 375

4 camera system (2TB Storage)  475

6 camera system (3TB Storage)  675

8 camera system (3TB Storage)  875